Looking like Spring


It's spring!  Hurrah ......  Well the calendar says so anyway.  The weather, however, will not co-operate.  It is only 8 degrees and raining sideways as I write this.

I am sick of wearing, and seeing other women wear, black/brown/grey/beige and their variations.  The question is how to update (i.e. make more spring-like) a winter wardrobe without wearing yellow flip flops - or their equivalent.  Besides, your do't want to freeze to death.

So here are some of my ideas to tide you over until it does get warm:

1/  Wear a bright trench (fuchsia or orange) over a business pencil skirt and buttoned cardigan;

2/  I just saw some fun white polka-dot on navy rubber boots with fushia liners that made me really smile in spite of the rain;

3/  Pull out one of your most colourful (read Hermes-like) scarf squares and wear on your head with bright shades;

4/  I had a 'business lunch' last week (since the sun was shining) and I wore a navy checked skirt, fushia top and a silver grey jacket.  Just to give it a kick in the right direction, I wore the mary janes your see in the photo.

I always feel that there is some hope when I see a bit of colour.  Sometimes you just have to help things along a bit.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

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  • Tatyana - a real find!


    Tatyana - a real find!

    As you may know, I am always looking for new designers and shops with goods that work for me and my body shape.  But then all women are, aren't we?

    I had just such a happy co-incidence in Toronto, on Queen Street West - Tatyana.

    This is a shop that specializes in a '50's look, but made to today's spec.  The fabrics are new, but the straight fitted (wiggle) dresses, full skirts and portrait collars are a throw back to when "dames was dames".

    Martha was particularly helpful and the staff were having fun, each modelling a different look with just the right accessories to make the look current.  One of my favourite is the two piece swim suit (see photo).  So I will be going back - I want to try it and there is a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" dress (my description only) that I am in love with.  I will keep you posted!

    If you see other shops with a '50's vibe, no matter where, let me know.