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I must tell you about a product that I have used all summer and am loving.  Being a red head, I do not tan, ever…….  I just get red damaged skin.  Now not having a tan is not that bad, but my skin is so white, that my legs look blue.  This is not a good look.

Only a little while ago did I discover Sally Hansen "Airbrush Legs".  This product has more that one colour, and the one that I prefer is "Medium Glow".  Not much colour, just a nice finish to the legs.  This one suits me well.

I put it on after the shower and use it every other day or two out of three days.  This avoids a build up of too much colour.

I finally figured out how to apply in a way that gives the natural look that I was after.  After shaking well, I apply a good amount to one palm, even it out between my two hands and then apply to the first leg by patting all over my leg.  The result looks a little like the sponging we used to do in the '80's.  Once the amount is 'splodged' all over the entire leg, then I blend it in completely.  i repeat for the other leg.  Be sure to wash your hands well and dry on a paper towel.  There will be some residue.

For me the finished look is very good and nicely realistic.  Be sure to pick carefully where you apply this product as there can be extra spray and some droplets.  The extra wipes up easily though while still damp.

Just love the finished look and it is worth taking a few extra minutes to get it right.



Wednesday, 24 September 2014

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