What I Saw


You know how difficult it can be to look really chic in the dead of winter. While sitting in this café, I am seeing all manner of “warm” clothes. This unfortunately also seems to mean “ugly”. Lot’s of jeans, sweat pants and salt stained boots. I know with a full agenda, it is difficult to find a time to get rid of the salt stains. The stuff is so prevalent that it is visible in the air. Good leather boots are not such a good investment.

I do however, see two young misses sitting in totally appropriate clothes – down filled coats. One is waist length, white, black scarf, black leggings and cool booties.

The other has opted for a three quarter coat in black, with black jeans and fur edged black boots.
Neither has spent an entire season’s budget on either outfit. They just work and seem to be warm. Good on you both.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

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