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Just when I feared of seeing elegant, chic people going about their daily lives, I see a young woman (25 – 30) join her colleagues for a coffee looking so fem/bus/chic (feminine and business like and chic in one package) that I stole a photo. Normally I am not a fan of creams and beiges and whites (only because I look dead in them), but this was an amazing look and worn to perfection.

She had a wrap, beaded straw coloured skirt, a fine biscuit shade v-neck cardigan, white tailored shirt, pearls and tan platform, patent leather heals. The look was fun and flirty, while still absolutely suitable for work. A little tailored jacket in the same colour would have taken her to any sort of event after business hours.
Well done; this look rocks!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

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